Fantastic you’re the best

Congratulations to the children who have received certificates this week for trying hard to write their initial letter, doing some amazing talking about their feelings and for making up their own song and tapping out the rhythm.

Well done we are proud of you.

Perfect Pancakes

Today we have been making pancakes in Nursery because next Tuesday is pancake day. This is to mark the start of lent when Christian’s start to get ready for Easter.  We have had fun selecting our favourite toppings.  We then needed to mix all the ingredients into the bowl before cooking the pancakes in the pan.

Enjoy making pancakes at home in the holiday and talk about how you get ready for a special celebration.


Brilliant balancing

This week in PE the apparatus is getting higher. The children have been challenged to improve their balancing skills along a narrower beam and up a slope. They have been very brave and willing to have a go at jumping from a much greater height. This was very scary for some children but everyone had a go. We have also been practicing hopping and holding a balance on one foot.

Well done to all the children. For sticking at it and trying really hard.

Visit the local park and keep practicing these skills over the holiday.

Numbers, numbers all alive

Today the children have brought numbers alive by wearing them to Nursery today.  We have had a fantastic time singing number songs and going on a search for numbers around school.  Thanks for all you creativity at home with the number T-shirts

What numbers can you see in our photos?

What Numbers can you see in around you at home and in the street?



You smell good to eat.

Today in Nursery we have been busy making gingerbread people. We found out how to make them by reading the recipe and looking on the computer. We were very careful to stay safe when we put them in the hot oven. We have met them safe so that they can’t run out of the door or window. They smell delicious. We can’t wait to eat them.

Ask the children to tell you how they made them at home.