Spring is in the air

This week we have been walking around school looking for signs of spring and talking about the weather. We have seen leaves starting to grow as well as flowers. When we visited the pond we found frogspawn.

Talk about the signs of spring you see on your way to school.

Police in action

Today the police arrived in Nursery to talk to us about how they help us keep safe. We enjoyed looking at all their special uniform and equipment.

Remember to say hello to them if you see them in the street.

What numbers can you see on their uniform?

What word can you read on the back of their uniform?

What number do you dial if you need the police?

Mix a pancake.

Yesterday day was Shrove Tuesday or pancake day. It is the time of year Christians start to get ready for Easter. We had a great time in nursery mixing stirring and frying our pancake and choosing our favourite toppings.

Talk about the different topping people like in your house. How many people like chocolate?

Fighting fires

Last week we were very excited when the fire fighters visited nursery with the fire engine.

We enjoyed finding out about the special uniform and how it keeps the fire fighters safe. We tried on the helmet and learning how to use the hose.

Talk to your child about the photos. How much can they remember about the visit.