Superheroes completing the final week in Nursery.

It has been fantastic to see so many superheroes in school this week. We have enjoyed thinking about the things we have learnt in Nursery and watching our favourite moments. All the children have gone home with a superhero medal and certificate. Have a lovely summer and we will see you back in reception.

Nursery’s Superstars

Thank you cards

For our writing activity the children took time to make a thank you card for the someone that has helped them throughout their time in Nursery or throughout home learning.

Shape Work

The children were using shapes again today to make their own marvellous me faces. Be proud of yourself children we are proud of you.

Medal making and Sunflowers

We are still sharing the sunflowers with everybody, they are amazing!

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for everything this year Nursery your teachers are going to miss you!
Have the best summer and remember enjoy Reception you have a fantastic time.

Nursery Superheroes

The teachers cannot believe it is the end of this years Nursery!
It has been a roller coaster for all of us , however we have all stayed strong and been a great team. By team we mean the teachers at Holbrook, the children and of course the parents for supporting your children too throughout this unsettling time!
Everyone deserves a FANTASTIC YOU’RE THE BEST!

We have put together a video of the children’s journey in Nursery. We hope you enjoy looking at the memories you have made.

Nursery AM

Nursery PM

Looking back at all the memories you have made makes us so proud as Nursery teachers, you are all SUPERSTARS or should we say SUPERHEROES!

  • How many things can you remember doing in Nursery?
  • Which was your favourite activity?

Well Done for everything!

All About Shape

This is the final shape activity of the week and the final maths activity before we finish for the school holidays.

First listen to this shape song to help you remember the names of the shapes.

Here are some pictures which have been made up of 2D shapes. We would like you to colour in the pictures carefully, using the key at the side to help you to colour in each shape.

Choose a picture to colour in. You will need the correct coloured pencil crayons to colour the shapes in for each of the pictures.

I chose to colour in the house picture. I needed red, blue, yellow and green pencils for this picture.

We hope you enjoy this shape activity. Remember to talk about the shapes as you colour them in.

How many triangles can you see in your picture?

Where are the rectangles in your picture?

Point to the squares in your picture.

Can you find any circles in your picture?

Please send us pictures of your learning to:

Let’s Write

Let’s warm our arms up with one of our favourite funky fingers, SUPERMAN!

Now we are all warmed up we are going to show off our best writing skills and make a superhero card saying thank you to someone that has helped you in Nursery. You can also make the card to someone that has helped you during home learning. you decided.

On the front of the card you can draw your favourite superhero, inside the card you need to have a try at writing the person’s name who you want to give the card to. Then write your name in your best hand writing.

Your teachers have made a card to… All OF NURSERY!

Saying thank you to all of the children for being fantastic this year.

Send in your pictures of your thank you cards –

P.E with Miss Woodward

Throughout your time of doing home learning Miss Woodward has been busy making up dances for you to join in with. Today we thought it would be a good idea to recap them and just remind ourselves of a P.E skill you have learnt within your time at Nursery.

We hope you have enjoyed them as much as Miss Woodward has.

Let’s start with the very first dance she made up in her garden!

Now let’s join in with this one.

Join in as many times as you like!

Great joining in Nursery, well done.

All About Shape

The shape activity today is again linked to the story ‘Marvellous Me’.

First listen to this song about shapes.

Using 2D shapes of different sizes like these below, make a picture of yourself to show how marvellous you are.

Cut out the shapes, colour them in and stick them together to make a face, showing yourself as ‘Marvellous Me’.

Please send us pictures of your work to:

Let’s Talk

Today we are carrying on with our superhero theme and we are going to make ourselves a special medal. This medal can represent how amazing you have been in Nursery.

Once you have made your medal you can talk about how proud you are of yourself.

  • What are you proud of?
  • What have you achieved in Nursery?
  • What things couldn’t you do before you started Nursery but now you can?

Give yourself a fantastic you’re the best!

Send us your pictures of your medal’s and tell us what are you proud of about yourself?