Green fingers

We have planted, seeded and watered all term and today we have been amazed with the amount of potatoes we have found hiding in the soil today. We have also found some broad beans. We have washed and cooked them and enjoyed eating them.


Amazement and excitement

This week the children have been fascinated but the cress growing and the butterflies coming out. The children have enjoyed watching the butterflies wings opening and closing and flying around. We waved one off to a new adventure at the end of the morning.

Ready for reception

Today the children meant to explore their new reception classrooms. They had a great time sending some familiar things and some new things.

Remember to talk about their new teacher at home. Next Wednesday bring them in to Nursery at 8.30 and pick them up from their new reception class.

Gribbly bugs

Today we had a fascinating time with Tim from Gribbly bugs. He has shown us the butterfly cycle and lots of creepy crawlies. We ha e been counting their legs, watching them move and listening to the sounds they make. We have carefully touched them and if we were brave held them in our hands. He showed us caterpillar eggs, caterpillars, a butterfly, a stick insect, a cockroach, a millepede and a spice.

Talk about them at home. Which one did you like best? Can you find any mini beasts in your garden or in the park?

Fun at the farm

This week we have had an amazing time at the farm finding out about all the different animals. We have enjoyed feeding them and holding the chicks.

Which animal was your favourite?

What does it look like?

Does it have feathers or fur?

How many legs does it have?

Does it have a beak?

Eid Mubarak

This week we have been learning about the celebration of Eid. The children and enjoyed Eid songs and have been counting the stars on the moon, making Eid cards, sticking stars on the moon and playing with the shiny objects.

The children have been excited to talk about how they celebrated at home.

Eid Mubarak to all the families who have been celebrating this week.