Harvest time

This week we have been learning about harvest a special time when we say thank you for all the food we have to eat. We have been learning about the carrots being picked out of the ground and have made carrot soup.

We have been brining in food to give to the food bank too.

Talk about the food you like to eat at home.


Autumn leaves are turning brown

Today we have been out for an autumn walk and had a great time exploring and finding different things.

We have talked about the colours we have seen





And the things we have seen


Sycamore seeds


Fir cones



We have also listened to the sounds of the birds in the trees. Remember red is for danger. Never touch the red berries or the red toadstools.

Look around you and name the autumn things you can see at home.

How old are you now?

This week we have been learning about how we celebrate our birthday in Nursery. The children have been talking about how old they are and wether they are three or four. We have been enjoying making birthday cakes with the play dough and drawing one with the candles in.

Talk about how you celebrate at home.

Also look out for number 3 if you are 3 and number 4 if you are four. How many can you find?

Busy bodies

This week on Nursery we are Learning about our bodies. We have been naming the parts of our bodies and measuring to find out who is the tallest and shortest in our groups.

We have been singing head shoulders knees and toes and finding parts of our bodies when asked.

Sing head shoulders knees and toes at home and ask you child to find the different body parts.